Kitchen ducting

Ducting or recirculating a kitchen cooker hood is a question we are asked many times, recirculating will reduce the odours but a correctly ducted kitchen ducting system will extract odour and reduce steam.  Choosing the correct kitchen ducting is important with so many different types of kitchen ducting to choose from. The most preferable would be round rigid kitchen ducting which provides the most efficient airflow. Many kitchens are being planned with a contemporary designer kitchen cooker hood, these cooker hoods normally have large extraction rates and therefore require 125mm round or 150mm round kitchen ducting to extract the air efficiently. Rectangular flat channel kitchen ducting is not as efficient as round but does provide an alternative aesthetic option for installations. Firstly, try to follow some simple ideas, survey your installation and try to establish the smallest ducting run to an outside wall and keep bends to a minimum. You should check the installation instructions of your kitchen cooker hood for correct ducting size dimensions. You should not reduce lower than the recommended size, if you do your cooker hood will be inefficient and could be very noisey and you could be invalidating your guarantee. Please visit our kitchen ducting information page which provides further details of the various sizes of kitchen ducting that Naplesuk has available.