Siemens Cooker Ducting

Siemens pride themselves on creating Cooker Hoods which are ‘quiet yet powerful’ The portfolio of cooker hoods includes Canopy Hoods, Ceiling Hoods, Downdraft Hoods, Integrated hoods, Island Chimney Hoods, Telescopic Hoods as well was Wall Chimney Hoods. These cooker hoods however, are only as good as the ducting systems behind them. Cooker Hood Ducting transports the kitchen air (smelly) from your cooker hood, to an external wall in your property. At Naples, we have selected a number of product ranges which are suitable for use with Siemens Cooker Hoods. Those product ranges are listed below.

125mm ducting

125mm round ducting

125mm rectangular ducting 

150mm ducting

150mm round ducting

150mm rectangular ducting