Bosch Cooker Hood Ducting

Bosch have an excellent reputation in the designing and manufacture of kitchen appliances, and their range of cooker hoods are no different. Providing excellent levels of extraction, alongside quiet, insulated performance – make these low noise level cooker hoods a popular choice for kitchens all over the UK.

Bosch haven’t stopped their either, as well as a range of standard wall mounted cooker hoods, they also sell: Ceiling Cooker Hoods, Island Cooker Hoods, Canopy Cooker Hoods, Telescopic Cooker Hoods, Integrated Cooker Hoods, Downdraft Cooker Hood Extractors and the newly released Venting Cooktop a hob with a cooker hood combined.

These cooker hoods are vented through an outside wall, and work by removing air from the kitchen and extracting it outside. It’s always better, and more efficient to duct out the cooking smells, rather than to use a hood on re-circulation mode. In order to complete installation, and to provide maximum performance – Bosch Cooker Hoods need to be connected to top quality ducting kit, which will transport the extracted air, outside.

At Naples we source and supply an excellent range of kitchen ducting which is suitable for Bosch Cooker Hoods. If you get in touch with your ducting requirements, we can then help you create the ducting kit which you can require. We have provided some links below to our range of ducting components

100mm ducting

100 round ducting

100mm rectangular ducting

125mm ducting

125mm round ducting

125mm rectangular ducting 

150mm ducting

150mm round ducting

150mm rectangular ducting